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The new issue of Digital Photographer is out now. 

This month we have another amazing issue for you, packed full of pro techniques, advice and insight.

Get more from your sensor

Understand the tech behind digital image making for more quality from your kit (Image credit: Future)

Many of us never stop to think about what goes on behind the scenes in our camera when we press the shutter button. In many cases it’s not something we need to concern ourselves with, as we judge that everything has worked as it should by the quality of the resulting image. However, with a deeper understanding of what causes image noise, the difference between electronic and mechanical shutter modes and how profiles impact the detail and distortion in your images, it is possible to re-assess your camera work. Are you sure you’re getting the most from your expensive camera gear? Find out now!

Pro guide to modern wildlife

Graeme Green offers his top insider advice  (Image credit: Future)

Wildlife photography isn’t easy. It’s time consuming, fast-paced and often seems to require the most expensive photo kit money can buy. This issue however, pro photographer Graeme Green, with help from fellow expert Tim Flach, is on hand to take you behind the scenes with his guide to modern wildlife images. Learn to capture both close and wide shots, pick the right gear and tell a story, for your best ever nature images.  

Seeing double – creative portraiture

Lauren Scott has put together a creative project detailing how to use in-camera double-exposure  (Image credit: Future)

In a world of photo-editing wizardry it is easy to forget the power of in-camera special effects. Double exposures seem to have fallen out of fashion of late and we think that’s a shame. Save time at the computer and capture eye-catching double exposures in-the-field, with Lauren’s handy tips and techniques.  

Invisible light

Claire Gillo visits David Clapp for some essential advice on shooting mesmerising Infrared landscapes. (Image credit: Future)

Group test: superzoom lenses

Long zoom ranges don’t have to mean low quality images. Find out which superzoom optic comes out on top in our group test. (Image credit: Future)

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